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About Lankford | Fendler + associates


Who We Are

Since 1993, Lankford | Fendler + associates has been providing our clients with high quality planning, design and construction management for mechanical, electrical, technology, plumbing and fire protection systems.

We like to think the systems we design are the beating heart of every facility we work on. Without mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, a building is just bricks and mortar. But give it a heart, and that building comes alive… as a place to learn, a place to work, a place to worship, or a place to call home.

We do more than just show up and get the job done. We actually listen to what our clients have to say. Then we use our experience and expertise to come up with innovative approaches to give them what they want… and then some. We’re not afraid to present a different way of doing things if it means better solutions for our clients.


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