Keeping the building comfortable, and energy costs down.

  • Heating & Air-Conditioning Systems Design: Central Plant Design, Underfloor Air Systems, Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
  • Building Evaluations
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Energy Evaluations
  • Equipment Pre-Purchase Specifications
  • 24/7 Critical Systems Design


Keeping the lights on, oh, and your computer, and the coffee maker, and, well, just about everything.

  • Power Distribution System Design
  • Lighting Systems Design: Interior, Exterior, Photometric Calculations, Ambient Lighting Control
  • Fire Alarm System Design
  • Emergency Power Systems Design
  • Existing Building Evaluations
  • Medium Voltage Systems Design
  • 24/7 Redundant System Design


Keeping water flowing.

  • Sanitary, Waste & Vent Systems Design
  • Interior Storm Drainage Systems Design
  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems
  • Specialized System Design

Fire Protection

Keeping people safe when things heat up.

  • Wet-Pipe System Design
  • Dry-Pipe System Design
  • Pre-Action System Design
  • Chemical Agent System Design

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Sustainable Design

Keeping spaces green.

  • LEED Certification Design and Documentation
  • Energy Efficient Rebates and Incentives
  • Use of Recycled Materials
  • Under Floor Air Distribution
  • Individual Temperature Controls
  • Reflective Roofing Systems
  • High Efficiency HVAC Systems
  • Low Flow Toilets, Waterless Urinals, and Hands Free Faucets
  • WELL Design and Documentation
  • Water Conserving Fixtures
  • Gray-Water Recycling
  • Waste Heat Recovery for Domestic Water Heating

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